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Piedras Negras, Mexico is a border town of countless orphans.  Parents attempting to cross the border leave their children in the city with no means of support. Many of the children become homeless without a family to provide food and shelter.  James 1:27 calls us as Christians to minister to the orphans and widows.  The House of Mercy (Casa de Misericordia) is designed to provide this care both physically and spiritually.  The House of Mercy will provide temporary housing for 106 children, Food, Clothing, and Christian Education.

September 22, 2017 Update:  After 2 1/2 years and with mixed emotions, Laurel LaFrance has decided to complete her mission at Casa de Misericordia at the end of this month.  She & her husband, Jesus, are still deciding what their next adventure will be, so we need to stay in prayer for them during this time of transition.  Dios bendiga a Laurel y Jesus!  (God bless Laurel and Jesus!)

For information please contact Mary Anne Wenner by clicking here or contacting the church office at 937-642-4712.

 Partners in ministry . . . Our sister church in Cuba

UPDATE ON CUBA -- Nov. 1, 2017
The paperwork is complete!  The money has been wired!  We have taken possession of the house!  We raised 100% of the money needed!  Great job, Church Family!!!
Total Contributions to Date             69,401.55
Currency Conversion/Transfer Fees              (4,360.20)
Work Project @ Meth. Seminary                 (568.74)
Cuban Govt. Transfer Fees              (1,500.00)
Cuba Team Online Training                 (195.00)
Wire transfer fee                   (50.00)
Current Balance in Cuba Account


Purchase Price of House - Money wired to seller on 10/17/2017             62,500.00
WE DID IT!!!!!                  227.61




Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization (ECHO) in Athens, Ohio:

Approximately 925 million people in the world are hungry. ECHO empowers small-scale farmers to increase their harvests, and the nutritional diversity of their crops. We educate, equip and share sustainable solutions to hunger!



The vision of Good Works is to create a COMMUNITY OF HOPE with and for people who are struggling with poverty and homelessness in rural Appalachia. As a Christian community, we are seeking to grow in our love for God and for our neighbor. We offer contexts through which people in need can experience biblical hospitality, access practical assistance, and share their gifts with others. In doing so, we facilitate ways for people from all walks of life to build relationships of love and service with their neighbors.

  • Empowering and transforming lives
  • Providing shelter for people experiencing homelessness
  • Offering life-changing opportunities to love our neighbors

Good Works exists to connect people from all walks of life with people in poverty so that the kingdom of God can be experienced.  

For more information, reach out to Mary Anne Wenner by clicking here or contact the church office at 937-642-4712. 

Good Works Inc. - Athens, Ohio

Good Works exists to connect people from all walks of life with people in poverty so that the Kingdom of God can be experienced. The vision of Good Works is to create a Community of Hope with and for people who are struggling with poverty, homelessness, and recovery issues in rural Appalachia.  The ministry of Good Works is about loving God and loving our neighbors. Sometimes loving our neighbors means providing a place for them to live. Other times it means sharing a meal together. We also love our neighbors by giving them a place of service so they can love their neighbors. Sometimes our neighbors are children and sometimes they are senior citizens. Neighbors Helping Neighbors is our effort to love our neighbors who are elderly and/or disabled. We want to provide volunteers to these types of low-income homeowners who are not able to care for their property. DSC00342  for more information click here, or contact the church office at 937-642-4712.






Combs, brushes and hair accessories


Hats, scarfs and gloves


Deodorant and bar soap


Raisins, animal crackers, cheese crackers (NO CANDY OR GUM)


Coloring books, activity books, journals


Flip Flops, socks, sun glasses


School supplies


Crayons, markers, colored pencils


Chap stick, small package of Kleenex

This list is a suggestion; please feel free to donate any other items you would like. However, no candy, gum, toothpaste, tooth brushes or liquids. The collection box is located in the BFLC entrance.

For questions, contact Contact Kathy Titmuss-Smith (937) 243-0192.