Fall Servants are needed to teach our sweet children about Jesus. Is it on your heart to share and serve in Sunday School? Are you willing to teach and be a light to our precious children for 15 Sundays this fall? Will you be willing to bless our church family by serving in Sunday School? We need you and your amazing gifts! Please consider shining your light in Sunday School. Contact the Children’s Ministry Coordinator-Lisa Hughes at



The FUMC Communications Team is meeting to review and refresh communications across several mediums. Our first project is refinement of the 9:30 Service Bulletin. As modifications are implemented and tested in the coming weeks and months ahead, congregation and visitor feedback is welcomed and encouraged via the following e-mail address:

Digital Messenger, if you would like to receive your monthly newsletter, the Messenger, please e-mail your request along with your correct e-mail address to the church office and we will change your preference: or call the church office! 

For members and attenders of FUMC:  The Worship Assessment team is interested in your input as they continue to seek the best way forward in the area of worship.  Please understand that we are not voting, we are simply asking for opinions.  Paper surveys are available at the church.   You can take the survey on paper or online, but you should not do both.  The Worship Assessment team will be hosting open meetings to discuss the survey results in August.  We encourage you to come and share your thoughts.    Click on this link for the survey:

Friendly First Impression Training


Are you excited about welcoming new guests to our congregation? Do you feel passionate

about sharing our church values and ministry opportunities with others?


If so, please join us for Friendly First Impression (FFI) Training

Sunday, August 5th from 11:00am to noon in the Courtyard


This training will focus on how we, as catalysts to cultural change, can ensure our church is

warm, welcoming, and inviting to our new guests.


Whether you are interested in becoming a dedicated Greeter, part-time Usher, or just a smiling face to welcome others on Sunday mornings, we want you to attend!Feel free to bring a friend!


For more information, or to RSVP by July 15th, please contact Ashley Alonso


On October 5-6, 2018, MC TOURS have secured reservations and finalized plans for an overnight Fall Getaway to the Fall Crafters Fair and The Blue Gate Theatre in Shipshewana, Indiana.


Trip Includes:

Round Trip Motor coach from Marysville to Shipshewana, Indiana

Lodging at the Bluegate Hotel

2 Breakfasts-1 “Semi” Continental enroute

1 Full Hot Breakfast

1 Lunch at Bread Box & Café

1 Amish Family Style Dinner

On Board Snacks, soda & water

2 Shows- Friday -Bluegrass Award Winning-Doyle Lawson with the Bontrager Family

Saturday - “Stolen”- A Musical-Adapted from “The Daughters of Lancaster County”

We’ll enjoy a Step-On-Guide for a Backroads Amish Tour that includes 2-3 Stops depending upon availability.

We could visit with the Bishop & his Wife, the Coffin Maker, a Basket maker, or a Leather Maker.

Shopping at the 16th Annual Fall Crafters Festival- -crafters, quilters, chainsaw carvers, painters, &

cloggers in and around Shipshewana

Yoder’s Shopping Center, Under-one-Roof-Yoder Department Store, Unique Blend of quality hard to

find items

Yoder’s Hardware-One of the few remaining “Old Fashioned hardware Stores



The trip is limited to 50 people. We are hoping we do not need to advertise, so please share this info with anyone. The trip will be first come, first in. We will meet the bus at the Connolly Construction Office at 7:30am, Friday Oct. 5 and be on our way by 7:45. You are welcome to leave your car in the parking lot between Connolly and Pathway’s Financial. We will return late Saturday night, Oct. 6.


We will need your payment in full by August 1, 2018 to secure your spot. There are no cancellation refunds unless we can fill your spot. Payment can be made by mail or in person at the Connolly Construction Office, 179 Emmaus Rd, PO Box, 271, Marysville, Oh 43040 between the hours of 8:30 & 5:30. Ask or Kim. Please make checks payable to MC Tours. For additional information concerning the trip, call Nancy Mabry (937) 243-8164. For additional information concerning booking and payment, call Kim, (937) 644-8831.


Download Registration Form Here. 

August 12 3:00 pm

15050 Fladt Rd.

Marysville FUMC will be conducting an outdoor baptism service on Sunday afternoon August 12 at 3:00 pm. If you are interested in being baptized by immersion, we invite you to a 30 minute class on baptism which will be held on Sunday, July 29 at 5:00 pm. Please contact Pastor Brown at aaron@marysvillefumc if you are interested in being a part of this baptism service. (If you want to be baptized and cannot make the class, we can set up another meeting time to go over the vows.)

Someone asked, “Can I be rebaptized?” In the UMC, we believe that baptism is a sacrament that is made sacred by God’s presence in the act of baptism. Therefore, we believe that regardless of when and where you were baptized, your baptism is valid. Because your baptism is valid, there is never a need to do it over. Thus, there is no such thing as a rebaptism. However, some people who were baptized as an infant have a sincere desire to affirm their commitment to Christ by a public display of baptism. We are willing to do this for an individual with the understanding that it is not a rebaptism, but rather an affirmation of their first baptism.

Gain greater understanding, empathy, and insight for how reentry after incarceration impacts individuals and communities by walking in their shoes. As part of our church’s commitment to be in ministry with people impacted by incarceration, Marysville FUMC will be hosting a Reentry COPE Simulation on Tuesday, August 7th, 2018 from 6:30-9:00 pm.
FUMC and community members who want to understand better the challenges and issue facing our friends, families, and neighbors reentering society after being incarcerated are invited to participate. The Reentry edition of the Cost of Poverty Experience (COPE) offers a glimpse into the life of individuals and families dealing with all stages of the criminal justice system who live in our community. Participants experience a small part of the obstacles met, the decisions made, and the consequences faced by people in all different circumstances and roles living around us every day. In addition, we will explore how we can work towards a better way for all community stakeholders. Space is limited to 50 participants.
Register online for the Reentry COPE Simulation:
In addition, we need 15-18 Marysville FUMC volunteers to serve in reentry resource roles -- such as school, housing, transportation – during the simulation. Volunteers receive a short training 45 minutes before the simulation begins. A Volunteer Dinner will be provided, as well. Please contact Jill Rodman at if you are interested in volunteering for this interactive simulation or have questions about participating.

Staying Connected in the Busyness of Summer

Our Equip Team has been hard at work putting together some opportunities that your family can do during this summer. 


Dear Church,

Summer is upon us and we have many activities to squeeze into every week of our summer! Many of those activities are traveling from town to town to see family and to participate in various sport-related tournaments. Naturally, the cry of our hearts is to have everyone in church every single Sunday, but that is not always realistic!

So, the Equip Team wants to encourage you to make involvement in the “body of Christ” a priority! There are many ways to remain connected to the “body of Christ” even if your family is miles from your hometown and church! We encourage you to be intentional about not putting your relationship with God on hold in June, July and August. There are many creative ways to learn, grow & worship even when you can’t get to your home church on Sunday.

Please check out the suggestions on the back of this insert for ideas and commit to being spiritually fit… when your family is roaming far from home!



  Attend a church and worship in the town where you are visiting. It is exciting to worship beside other brothers and sisters in Christ that don’t live in your hometown! It is also exciting for churches to receive visitors!


Commit to listening to the sermons you have missed! They are located on our church website and you can even download the outline for deeper study:


Be intentional about sharing mealtime devotions with your family. While you are sharing a meal, use your cell phone to read aloud a devotion and share reflections. A great devotion website: (Devotions on the Go).


Be intentional about discussing with your family the many ways we can be present with God. 2 Corinthians 10:5 reminds us to keep every thought captive to Christ and we need to remind our family members to see, hear and worship God on vacation, in ballparks, in swimming pools, in campgrounds, etc! Take time to praise him in prayer with a heart of gratitude. Playing Christian praise music in your vehicle to and from adventures will also keep your tongues praising God!


Request a Holy Communion “To Go” bag when you know that your family will be missing the first Sunday of the month. The Holy Communion elements will be blessed by Pastor Aaron for this purpose! The bag will come with scripture, prayer and liturgy to read so that you can lead your family in this sacrament when you are missing church. You may request the bag a week in advance by contacting Pastor Peggy:

Download the brochure here!