Staying Connected in the Busyness of Summer

Staying Connected in the Busyness of Summer

Our Equip Team has been hard at work putting together some opportunities that your family can do during this summer. 


Dear Church,

Summer is upon us and we have many activities to squeeze into every week of our summer! Many of those activities are traveling from town to town to see family and to participate in various sport-related tournaments. Naturally, the cry of our hearts is to have everyone in church every single Sunday, but that is not always realistic!

So, the Equip Team wants to encourage you to make involvement in the “body of Christ” a priority! There are many ways to remain connected to the “body of Christ” even if your family is miles from your hometown and church! We encourage you to be intentional about not putting your relationship with God on hold in June, July and August. There are many creative ways to learn, grow & worship even when you can’t get to your home church on Sunday.

Please check out the suggestions on the back of this insert for ideas and commit to being spiritually fit… when your family is roaming far from home!



  Attend a church and worship in the town where you are visiting. It is exciting to worship beside other brothers and sisters in Christ that don’t live in your hometown! It is also exciting for churches to receive visitors!


Commit to listening to the sermons you have missed! They are located on our church website and you can even download the outline for deeper study:


Be intentional about sharing mealtime devotions with your family. While you are sharing a meal, use your cell phone to read aloud a devotion and share reflections. A great devotion website: (Devotions on the Go).


Be intentional about discussing with your family the many ways we can be present with God. 2 Corinthians 10:5 reminds us to keep every thought captive to Christ and we need to remind our family members to see, hear and worship God on vacation, in ballparks, in swimming pools, in campgrounds, etc! Take time to praise him in prayer with a heart of gratitude. Playing Christian praise music in your vehicle to and from adventures will also keep your tongues praising God!


Request a Holy Communion “To Go” bag when you know that your family will be missing the first Sunday of the month. The Holy Communion elements will be blessed by Pastor Aaron for this purpose! The bag will come with scripture, prayer and liturgy to read so that you can lead your family in this sacrament when you are missing church. You may request the bag a week in advance by contacting Pastor Peggy:

Download the brochure here!